Unethical Marketing Practices by Daraz and Yayvo

Are they Guilty?

Whether you own a business or you are hired to market an employer’s products or services, you need to understand the thin line between ethical and unethical marketing practices which are normally ignored in Pakistan.

Ethical marketing boosts credibility and trust, develops brand loyalty, increases customer retention, and prompts customers to spread word about the products or services you’re marketing but companies like Daraz and Yayvo totally lacks this.

Doing Unethical marketing sends wrong signals about your products and services and destroy brand’s reputation. Using naked women for the sake of clicks is more shameful act. The rate at which Daraz and Yayvo are resorting to this unethical marketing practice is quite alarming.

Following Social Media and Google advertisements many of us noticed explain what forced me to write this:

There’s something common to most of them; naked ladies are used to grab attention of “males” to their advertisements. We all should question their intention as it is very possible to target only females for products totally related to them. They could also use product pictures but they preferred advertising naked pictures.

In Azadi Sale advertisements by Yayvo they are advertising Bikinis, leave other things aside, how come these two things are even related?

They have to think about how ethical their marketing practices are; if they are advertising their business in a way that’s unethical, they are simply damaging their brand’s image and driving people away from their business.

We hope that they will improve their marketing strategy and refrain from such advertisements in future.

What are your views? Do share in comments.

Written by Waqas Kamran

Waqas is the founder of DotcomBest, a full service digital marketing agency with clients in the retail, health, education, travel and technology sectors. Waqas is a Google Certified and Bing Accredited Professional.

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