Truth Behind Robot waiter from Multan Restaurant

Making up stories on the Internet is so common in this age and media mostly try to feed their version of the story. Recently we all came across the news that a NUST graduate “created” a robot to serve its customers.

Moving Statue of Multan’s Pizzeria

The story was first published by TechJuice stated “he realized that the cost of importing an automatic serving machine from other countries would set him back millions of rupees, he decided to develop one in Pakistan from scratch.” There is where they are making people fool. Further take a look at their video which was published on their page.

First of all it is not actually a robot but a “motorized trolly” following a pre-defined track. Secondly how can we even call something a robot which cannot move and interact with anyone?

Secondly “made from scratch” fact is also wrong as similar “motorized food servers” are up for sale on AliBaba, the owner only assembled it. May be it took him 8 months to assemble it. 😀


Sounds Familiar?


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