‘This is not milk’: 11 manufacturers start implementing new labels

Eleven brands of tea whiteners including Tarang, Qudrat, Everyday and Dairy Queen have started implementing a Punjab Food Authority (PFA) order to specify on their product packaging that the contents are not milk.

The PFA had issued a warning to food production units in March to mention ‘This is not milk’ on 15 per cent of the total area of a tea whitener’s packaging by June 1 or face legal action.

“If products of a brand are found in the market without the warning label, stocks will be seized by the PFA. Store owners and manufacturers will face legal action,” PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal had said.

Earlier this year Engro and Shakarganj was fined for selling tea whiteners as milk

The new warning label will allow the common man to differentiate between tea-whiteners and milk.

A number of companies had previously been marketing non-dairy tea-whiteners as alternatives for milk — an unethical and criminal practice according to experts which caused harm to children.

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Concerns had been raised about the adverse effects consuming tea-whitener can have on public health. The products are thought to be particularly harmful to children.

Courtesy: Dawn

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