Google honours Abdul Sattar Edhi on his 89th birthday

Google honours Abdul Sattar Edhi on his 89th birthday, who founded the world’s largest volunteer ambulance network in Pakistan.

With more than 1,800 ambulances stationed across Pakistan, the Edhi Foundation is Pakistan’s  largest welfare organisation.  In 1997, the foundation entered the Guinness World Records as the “largest volunteer ambulance organisation”.

Edhi was born in Bantva Gujarat, India on February 28, 1928 before partition. He died last year in Karachi of renal failure.  He was offered treatment abroad, but insisted on being treated in a government hospital in Karachi.

Edhi’s Doodle on Google

The Edhi Foundation’s slogan is: “Live and help live”.

In his honour, Google changed its logo in the United States; Iceland; Portugal; Australia; New Zealand; Japan; South Korea; Estonia; UK; Denmark; Sweden; Greece; Ireland and Pakistan to a doodle of Edhi.

Google  hailed Edhi’s “super-efficient” ambulance service.

“In celebration of Abdul Sattar Edhi, let’s all lend a hand to someone in need today,” it said.

“The doodle selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google’s personality and love for innovation,” the company says.

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