10 Funniest Wildlife Photos of 2017

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards held every year and winners were announced this week with the overall winner being “Help” by Tibor Kercz, which showed an owl struggling to keep his grip on the branch as his owl friends look the other way.

“Help” by Tibor Kercz

Winner of the “On the Land” category captures a baby dormouse “laughing” on top of a yarrow flower.

“The Laughing Dormouse” by Andrea

A bunch of Widgeon pictured flying but one was seen flying exactly in front of a high airline plane won the “In the Air” category.

“Duck Speed” by John Threlfall

Winner of the “Under the Sea” category is a green turtle “slapping” a Napoleon wrasse.

“Slap” by Troy Mayne

In addition to the winner, the finalists below are worthy of mention:

A fox using a hole at a golf course as its private bathroom by Douglas Croft
A young elephant seal looking shocked at his friend by George Cathcart
“Monkey-Escape” by Katy Laveck-Foster
“Hitching a Ride” by Daisy Gilardini
“Cheering-sea-otter” by Penny Palmer

Last but not least

“Eh What’s Up Doc” by Olivier Colle


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