Youtube Star Adam Saleh kicked off Delta flight for speaking Arabic

Adam Saleh, whose videos on Youtube have drawn millions of followers, recorded himself being escorted from flight to New York from London Heathrow after passengers heard him speaking Arabic on phone with his mother.

He posted the video on his twitter account which has been retweeted more than 750,000 times.

“Usually before I take off I speak to my mom,” he said. “My mom is 66 years old and she only speaks Arabic, so I was speaking to her in Arabic – it was a 30-second phone call.”

Adam Saleh had to take another flight with different airline to reach New York.

Delta airline released a statement claiming that Mr Adam Saleh was removed from the flight after multiple passengers complained about a disturbance.

Mr Saleh released a statement upon returning to New York City and accused Delta of lying.

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Adam Saleh also launched #BoycottDelta Campaign on social media, which has gained much support and now trending on twitter.

Delta airline in past removed the couple because a passenger felt uneasy after hearing Nazia and Faisal Ali use the word “Allah.”

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