Uber Launches ‘uberAUTO’ rickshaw service in Lahore

and you can Ride uberAUTO for free this week


After successful launch of UberGO in Lahore and Karachi, Uber just launched ‘uberAUTO’ rickshaw service in Lahore. Starting today, Uber users can request a rickshaw at the tap of an app. Simply move the slider to ‘uberAUTO’ and tap ‘request’.

Surprisingly the minimum fare of uberAUTO is just ₨ 50. Charging only ₨ 6.3 per mile and ₨ 1 per minute.

You can enjoy 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs. 80 each from 12 PM today 17th October 2016 till 11:59 PM Sunday, 23rd October 2016.

This is not first Rickshaw booking service through app in Pakistan but we hope this will be as successful as uberGO.

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